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Паста за зъби със Зеолит



Clinoptilolite is a natural mineral with amazing physical qualities, due to its unique crystal structure. This structure ensures electrically reactive surface area of ​​over 450 square meters per gram. The loaded with negative electricity surface of the zeolite, enables it to attract and retain cations from the environment in which it is situated and in turn to liberate other cations. When immersed in water, clinoptilolite eliminates all substances harmful to mankind, including radioactive contamination.


Millions of years ago, a volcanic ash layer was exposed to high temperatures and pressure, and this gave rise to physical and chemical change that created a whole group of minerals called zeolites, and one of them is clinoptilolite. Clinoptilolite belongs to a large zeolite group called heulandite.

The zeolite mineral has been given its name due to the fact that it boils when it is warmed up which on the other hand is caused by the violent separation of zeolite water (“Zeo” in Greek means and “lithic” – stone) .

The highest quality clinoptilolite is located in Bulgaria (the deposits are situated in Eastern Rhodopes) and it is known as such worldwide .

Application and properties

Powerful antioxidant
Oncological diseases
Against cellulite

*The described below qualities and properties of zeolite apply for the high-quality zeolite products of the brand Rhodosorb and Rhodosorb-FARER, which are promoted on this website. and SD „Farer” do not guarantee in any way the quality of zeolite products offered by other companies and suppliers of the mineral.

Powerful antioxidant
It is discussed much these days about free radicals and most people are aware of the damage they cause to the human body. Generally the free radicals cause cellular damage to healthy cells, they steal electrons from the cell structure. It is believed that free radicals are responsible for :

• Many cardiovascular diseases

• Parkinson

• Cancer

• Senile dementia

• Rheumatoid arthritis

• Down syndrome and others.

In the fight against free radicals antioxidants come along.

Effective antioxidants are vitamin C, vitamin E , grape, Acai Berry , pomegranate and Lycium (Goji Berry) .

Antioxidant properties are also observed in the zeolite .

The structure of the zeolite is a trap for toxins , heavy metals, and also for free radicals found in the human body. Its mechanism is different from that of typical antioxidants. Zeolite has no effect of neutralization or stabilization on free radicals, in contrast, it captures them in its structure as if in a trap and removes them from the body.

We do not suggest that you should ignore natural antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and other food supplements. We recommend though using the synergistic effect of their administration together with zeolite of the brand Rhodosorb-H or Rhodosorb-FARER. In this way you will apply two tested methods against free radicals which turns fighting oxidant stress into a highly efficient process.

Clinoptilolite can be successfully used in the treatment of diabetes, as an adjunctive therapy. It has been proved that the activated zeolite facilitates the transport of glucose into the cells without the use of insulin and normalizes glucose levels in the body.

Furthermore, the zeolite combines with the nitrosamines in the digestive tract and neutralizes them. This is of great importance because recently it was found that nitrosamines cause diabetes type II. Nitrosamines are often found in processed food products, in cigarette smoke, and beer.

Diabetes Type II is known as senile diabetes and refers to 90% of the diabetics . Type II diabetes as well as type I diabetes is insulin dependent, but the latter actually produces enough insulin. The problem is that the body does not respond to the hormone any more and can not degrade the consumed glucose. This type of diabetes often appears after the age of 40 and in many cases is established during routine medical examinations. Predisposition to senile diabetes is hereditary.

Type II diabetes often can be placed under control with the aid of a special diet and in this case requires no additional drugs.

It is in such cases that high-quality zeolite can be invaluable .

Oncological diseases
Zeolite has a marked immune-modulative effect or in other words it normalizes blood chemistry. It prevents breaches in the immune and endocrine systems, which makes it a very efficient product in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

The mineral acts as an antioxidant, helping the body to protect itself from the free radicals damaging the DNA.

Scientists, involved in the study of zeolite, have expressed their opinion that most likely its anti-cancer effect is associated with the ability of the zeolite to activate gene r21, which stops the growth of cancer cells and destroys tumors. The natural activated zeolite powder is a universal agent that stops the development of tumors under the influence of the protein kinase by changing the operation of genes r21/r53.

Clinoptilolite captures and displays nitrosamines (carcinogens formed in the preservation of food, frying, smoking, or using a nitrate salt). It is they who are responsible for the occurrence of cancer in various organs.

Nitrosamines are responsible for the sharp increase and the occurrence of gastric cancer and pancreatic cancer. Recently, it is believed that they are directly related to leukemia and brain cancer.

Clinoptilolite is highly effective in combating irradiation. Proof of this is that zeolite has been used successfully during the accidents at Three Mile Island, the Chernobyl reactor and the reactor of British Nuclear Fuels company. Its absorbent properties of radioactive substances were used. Tons of zeolite were used to remove the radioactive cesium and strontium 90 before they manage to contaminate the water supply system.

Zeolite has absorbent properties against radioactive elements such as cesium 134 and cesium 137, strontium. The mineral forms with them cell cyclic links and then displays them from the body naturally.

Among the hazardous substances, which zeolite eliminates, are also mycotoxins and aflatoxin – a subset of highly poisonous mycotoxins, which is associated with the carcinoma of the stomach, kidney and liver. Aflatoxins quickly multiply because of the negative impact of radioactive radiation, because radioactive radiation destroys the beneficial bacteria that normally control the development of the aflatoxin.

Risk factor for the occurrence of carcinomas is living near power plants, because radioactive gases, released into the atmosphere from nuclear power plants, pollute water and soil, which subsequently causes knock-on effects in the food chain and health. All of this together increases the risk of cancer.

The opinion, that besides overuse of calorie obesity is due to the high levels of specific toxins in the body, is recently creeping more and more in the scientific community. The presence of these toxins leads to a distortion of the natural mechanisms for regulating weight and body fat. As you know Zeolite has the ability to bind to toxins and brings them out of the body through the urinary system. Therefore, if you have decided to get rid of a few pounds it is appropriate to add the intake of zeolite to your diet. It will help your body normalize the metabolism of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins. Together with a properly balanced diet it could lead to correction of excess weight.

With the help of zeolite is possible to lose weight fast and on top of that it will cleanse your body.

Against cellulite
Cellulite is a term that describes a condition that occurs in men and women (although much more common with women) where the skin of the lower limbs, abdomen and pelvic regions becomes dimpled on, usually after puberty. The term was first used in 1920 and began to appear in English in the late 1960s.

Changes often result from the presence of poor circulation in the subcutaneous tissues. This leads to poor drainage of toxins and fluids. The toxin is a non-food and potentially harmful molecule, element, organism, or energy that the body has to eliminate or lock in a safe place .

When the toxin can not be discarded from the body, it is stored mainly in the adipose tissue. Fat cells often surround the toxin, they congregate around it and, thus, try to protect the body. The presence of toxins results in weakening of the collagen fibers. It is these processes that change the appearance of the skin, and we observe the formation of bumps .

The activity of enzymes that disarm toxins is different for each person, probably genetically determined. Given the same conditions a person can gain a significant concentration of toxins, and another can manage to neutralize and eliminate them completely.

Some experts argue that detoxification of fatty tissue is the key to the complete elimination of cellulite. They advise: “If you want to lose weight or to remove cellulite, start with detoxification”.

As you know zeolite is a powerful detoxifier, besides zeolite fully normalizes mineral metabolism in the body. This makes it a great adjunct in the fight against cellulite.

Clinoptilolite (Zeolite) has a broad spectrum of antiviral properties. It attracts and binds the viral particles, thus, interfering with viral replication. It removes them from the body and inhibits the proliferation of the virus through the immune modulation of T-cells.

At the time of consumption of natural zeolite occurs a state of “relaxed activation” of the immune system. This condition is maintained for about 3 months after the standard prophylactic course of intake. The state of “relaxed activation” is very important for the prevention of colds, especially when we talk about frequent or prolonged illness.

Modern society requires us to lead an intense life where there is always a chance of getting hurt. Sometimes this hazard exists as a result of our extremely practiced hobby. When injuries occur, medicine have reliable equipment to see what is happening in our body. Among these devices are X-rays and computed tomography (scanner). They can be used in the diagnosis of degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, infections, cysts, and other volume occupying processes. These devices are certainly useful, but they have one important drawback: in order to get a diagnostic image, X-rays are used. While passing through the body the ionizing radiation encounters organs and tissues. These organs and tissues absorb varying degrees of X-rays.

X-rays belong to the group of gamma rays. Computed tomography is a very powerful and modern method of diagnosis, but unfortunately it is not 100 % accurate in reading the images. Furthermore, radiation exposure of the patient is at a high level and there is a risk of occurrence of malignant diseases. Therefore, the use of such type of examination should be well justified, and the patient should be aware of the possible consequences of the radiation exposure.

A simple radiograph, for example, exposes a person to radiation with 1,4 mGy.

Gray (Gy) is a unit to commemorate the level to which a person is exposed to radiation. It was named after the British physicist Louis Harold Gray.

Dose in the range of 10-20 Gy, once absorbed, is lethal to humans. This equals to around 750-1500 joules, regarding an adult weighing 75 kg . In medicine is used the miligrey (mGy), as the standard unit is too big.

The dose of radiation with more than 1 gray (Gy) is considered to be moderate, but it is sufficient to show the symptoms of radiation sickness.

Relative level of irradiation from different procedures: X-ray of a tooth;

chest x-ray = 20 X-rays of a tooth ;

Mammography = 80 X-rays of a tooth

tomography of the abdomen = 4000 X-rays of a tooth

We acquaint you with this information because you may need to be subjected to this kind of examination very often. Irradiation can not be avoided but the damage from the gamma radiation can be minimized with the intake of micronized zeolite powder.

Zeolite is a mineral that helps you get rid of all the pollutants and chemicals in the body. In other words, it helps you live a healthy life.

In our everyday life we are exposed to the consumption of food products with added preservatives and chemicals, drugs, alcohol, smoke, breathing polluted air, drinking too many fizzy drinks. All this leads to the deposition of toxins and chemicals in the body.

Many people do not like it, they want to live a healthier life.

So they try to maintain a healthier life through exercise, supplements and healthy foods.

When it comes to health it should be known that it is the result of a complex attitude towards life. Each of the components: sports, nutrition, and supplements, has its role.

Supplements of natural origin such as zeolite are one way to protect the body from harmful effects of any kind. Why we define zeolite as a natural and completely safe to use supplement that may be of assistance to any sports person:

It is safe regardless of the dose.
There are no side effects
It can be combined with any drugs and supplements and this will not change their action, but will contribute to the disposal of waste products as a result of its use.
The supplement has a completely natural origin: natural volcanic rocks
It purifies blood, body, and skin of toxins over a period of 6 to 8 hours
It disposes of heavy metals and harmful substances of any kind. Elements such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic, which our bodies are saturated with, start to clear out with the urine over a period of 6 hours after the first dose.
Most athletes consume very large amounts of meat and meat products. Processed meats contain nitrosamines, which can be very dangerous to the human organism. Nitrosamines are compounds which are formed after interaction between nitrites and secondary amines. The formation of nitrosamines is a subject to certain conditions – higher acidity of the medium (such as the stomach), high temperatures (such as frying) and so on.
Nitrosamines are highly carcinogenic. Their presence is greatest in foods (especially meat) , which had previously been treated with sodium nitrite. Sodium nitrite is added to many meats (bacon, ham, sausages, etc.) in order to slow down the growth of bacteria and keep fresh red meat from darkening. Under the influence of heat – when cooking the meat, the sodium nitrite interacts with the amines, which are always present therein, and they form nitrosamines. Nitrites from the food together with the amines of the food in the stomach also form nitrosamines and this often leads to gastric cancer. The nitrite content in foods has been reduced by half in the last 30 years. Cigarette smoke contains an N-nitrozodimetilamin (ON-N (CH3) 2 ) . When a pack of cigarettes is smoked, 0.8mg N-nitrozodimetilamin enter in the human body.
Zeolite helps reduce blood sugar. Low blood sugar level is an important factor for the secretion of the growth hormone.
Zeolite fully normalizes mineral metabolism in the body. This makes it a good adjunct in the fight against cellulite
It helps normalize metabolic processes of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. Thus, adjusts overweight!
Zeolite is a highly effective remedy for muscle pain arising from increased physical activity (it absorbs lactic acid from the muscles) .
Moreover there are no side effects, which are common for the use of caustic, or other alkalizing supplements
*The above-mentioned qualities and properties of zeolite apply for the high-quality zeolite products of the brand Rhodosorb and Rhodosorb-FARER, which are promoted on this site. and SD „Farer” does not guarantee in any way the quality of zeolite products offered by other companies and suppliers of the mineral.

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