Zeolite with Aronia - powder

Zeolite with aronia powderRHODOSORB-A powder

INGREDIENTS:  Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) 100% natural, modified activated zeolite /clinoptilolite/ + Aronia

PURPOSE:  A highly effective remedy for muscle pain arising from increased physical exertion (it absorbs lactic acid in the muscles). Superb tool for neutralizing free radicals, it clears the body by regulating the processes of digestion and, thus disposes of TOXIC and harmful substances, including RADIOACTIVE ones.

RECOMMENDED INTAKE:   15 days, 7.2 g. (6 capsules) per day, divided into 3 doses (2 capsules or one teaspoon in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening after meals). Should be taken with a sufficient amount of water or juice. The total amount of liquids consumed per day should be not less than 2 liters.

Highly-effective immunomodulator:

Antianemia properties better act in bleeding gums and easily appearing bruises.

Normalize mineral metabolism in the body.

Normalizes hormonal balance in the body.

Efficient tool for concentration problems.

●      The high content of vitamins (especially P) and bioflavonoids and iodine help burn the fats and maintain good body temperature.

●     It possesses anti-anemia properties, acts well with bleeding gums and easily appearing bruises.

●     It normalizes the mineral metabolism in the body

●     It normalizes the hormonal balance in the body

●     Efficient tool for concentration problems.



It can be combined well with all drugs.

NET: 110 g/90 capsules